Understanding Storage Profiles


  • Synergize can support multiple Storage Profiles per Repository.
  • All profiles are active for retrieval however there is always only ONE storage profile active for writing.
  • Local and Network (UNC) storage profiles are supported
  • Mapped drives are not recommended in the configuration

Fig. 1

Fig. 2 


Provisioning for Large Volumes:

  • In most cases customers prefer to avoid continually adding drives to their existing configuration
  • Synergize supports multiple profiles this facilitates customers planning for increased volumes by creating a folder structure that accounts for years and quarters within the years (Fig 3.).
  • The profiles can be created in advance (Fig 4.)

Fig. 3


Fig. 4


Activating a Storage Profile

  • Synergize connects to the Storage Profiles each time a document is saved
  • No down time is required to change an active profile.
  • User merely needs to select the appropriate profile and activate it; (Fig. 1) the next document stored will now be saved to the newly activated profile.


Moving a Storage Profile

Fig. 5

  • Copy the entire contents of the Profile to the new Location.
  • Verify the file and folder counts
  • Ensure that the Account running the COM+ object has the same rights and access to the files and folders in the new drive as it had on the previous drive.
  • Modify the Profile to point to the new location (Fig.6 & Fig. 7)
  • Test and verify that you have access to the documents via Synergize.
  • Remove the documents from the old storage location

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

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