How to set default workflow when adding a new document using Explorer or QuickLinks


When a new document is added to Synergize using Web Explorer or a QuickLink window, the repository is always defaulted to workflow name called 'Undefined'. A setting in EMC can allow us to change the default to another workflow queue.

Example: Drag and drop a acceptable extension file like a .tiff or .pdf into explorer and a properties window comes up as shown below

Under the 'Custom' tab, we notice 'undefined' queue comes up by default. Steps below can help to set it to a different queue.


The queue we need to set as default should be marked as initial queue in EMC. Below screenshot narrates how to get to that setting in EMC.


1 - Launch EMC on Synergize server as Administrator

2 - Navigate to the repository you need to make the change as shown below:

3 - Click on Advanced tab to launch Repository settings, switch to Miscellaneous tab as shown here:

4 - Change the 'Default Workflow queue for new documents' to the new queue name as shown here


Click 'Ok' to accept changes. If it prompts for user credentials, please use the deployment ID and password.

5 - Try to test and if the workflow queue name doesn't change, an IISRESET and relaunching the Explorer or QuickLinks will help.


If you have any questions related to these steps or if you run into any issues, please reach out to or call us at 905 881 6071 x 290


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