How To: Enable and View Document Logging

STEPS [Single Select Document]

1. Launch Synergize EMC and navigate to the target repository

2. Locate and Select Document Log within the repository sub-tree and hit Switch Status to ON


3. Locate the desired Document Type to enable logging in the repository sub-tree


4. Double-click the desired document type, select the desired type of Log Actions and hit OK


STEPS [SQL Statement Method/ Multiple]

1. Log In to SQL Management studio and run the following query against the target Synergize repository. This will enable ALL logging flags for ALL the document types within the selected repository.


update DocTypes set In_DocLogType = 3, in_logstr='17+9+16+15+14+8+7+6+5+13+12+11+10+4+3+2+1'


In_DocLogType IDs

0 = None/Disabled

1 = Medium 1

2 = Medium 2

3 = ALL

4 = Custom




1. Log in to Synergize Web Explorer and select a document to review

2. Right-click the document and Navigate to Logs > Document Log

3. The Document Logs table appears. The most recent logs appear at the bottom of the logs table


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