Synergize Error: Could not populate domain list: an error has occured


Web Services down after IBM iSeries application install


  • User installed IBM iSeries application, after the install user is unable to logging into the Synergize Portal
  • Reboot unsuccessful
  • Web services are down
  • IIS reset also unsuccessful




  1. Review event logs, determine where issue is happening and possibly why
  • In this case it appears to be issue with the admin web service
  • IIS reset unsuccessful

      2. Review IIS services

  • Review dependent services and ensure they are running
  • Review event logs to see where IIS failed

            i.   In this case net.tcp listener services could not start

      3. Google search with iseries access + net.tcp listener + service resolved initial issue

  • Application install modified permissions with machine.config files – can be seen with lock symbol on icon 

             i.   C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config

             ii.  C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config

  • For each file, add IIS_IUSRS and Authenticated Users groups under security tab

              i.  Set permissions to Read and Read/Execute only

NOTE: If web.config is also locked, added required groups listed above

      4.  Start net.tcp services to verify they run

  • Run iisreset command for final verification
  • If issues persist, go back to step 3 and review permissions

      5.  Backup machine.config files in both Framework and Framework64 directories

  • Copy file and save copy outside of current directory

      6. With the machine.config file in the Framework directory:

  • Search for <dbproviderfactories/>  -delete  this tag then save file

             i.  This is a self-closing tag, .NET framework only reads one tag in the config file,                            Portal login will fail with the following error:


     7.  Repeat step 6 with the machine.config file in the Framework64 directory

     8.  Open EMC, refresh COM+ and COM+ admin applications, restart SCS

     9.  Open Process Designer, stop all processes and close – restart SPS process

  • Once restarted, open Process Designer and ensure processes run as expected

    10.  Log into web explorer and portal – try to view documents

  • If issues persist, review troubleshooting from step 1


If there are any issues with this, contact support at 905-881-6071 ext. 290 or email

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