Subscript out of range


Receive the subscript "out of range" when trying to preview document in Synergize Explorer or Synergize Web Explorer



Version of Synergize system used is lower than 12.3 SP6 and are trying to view a document with LZW compression.



  1. Check the version of Synergize EMC (Enterprise Management Console) in use.
  2. If the synergize version is prior to 12.3 SP6, the issue might be with the file compression when the document is scanned.
  3. Download file with error and check compression method by right-clicking the file and going to properties and details.
  4. If found to be LZW compression then either print the original image with Synergize Printer and then index the document again or upgrade to Synergize 12.3 SP6 or higher in order to resolve the issue.

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