How To Use Synergize Process Server Restarter Application


The Synergize Process Server (SPS) Restarter application goes through all SPS processes and stops them. This allows the application to purge its log file and clean up any unnecessary unused resources.  Once completed it will restart all processes.


If OCR Forms Processing is enabled on the server hosting SPS, the Forms Processing service will need to be stopped before running the SPS Restarter application.

Once the Restarter task has completed, the Forms Processing service will need to be restarted as well.


Applies to all the Synergize Process Server versions.



ProcessServerRestarter file Location

To receive a copy of the Synergize Process Server Restarter.exe, please contact Microdea Support. Once you have downloaded a copy, follow the instructions below.

The first step is copying the ProcessServerRestarter.exe file into the bin\ folder on the Synergize Process Server under the Microdea\ folder in Program Files.

For x86: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\bin\"

For x64: "C:\Program Files\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\bin\"


Now right click on the file and run it as administrator. The application starts automatically after lunching and will force all processes to stop, purges the log files and restart once completed.

At the end of the process the user will need to press enter to quit the program.

Using additional command line parameters:

The timeout is the amount of time that ProcessServerRestarter waits for a process to stop. The default value is 20 minutes.

/timeout x

X = the timeout in minutes (defaults to 20)

Log file

This application has a log file which is really useful for troubleshooting. The log file is accessible using the path below:


 Application Log Purging

To set the number of days to keep the logs you need to make some changes in the clientsettings.xml file located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\bin". 

Open the clientsettings.xml file using notepad and add following line between the <configuration> tags.


If that line is not there or if it's not a numeric value or if it is less than 7 days, then it will use the default of 60 days.


How to setup Process Server Restarter as a task

This application can be set as a Windows scheduled task and run on a regular basis. To set this application as a task, use the Windows Task Scheduler. Task Scheduler is accessible using Administrative Tools.


On the Task Scheduler page right click on Task Scheduler and select Create Task to create a new task.

In General Tab, select a name for your task and choose Run with highest privileges option option.

On the Triggers tab create a New trigger and set the time interval. 


In Action tab, click New.  Browse to given the path of the ProcessServerRestarter.exe:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\bin"

Leave the default settings for all other tabs. Our task is now configured and ready to run.

Check AutoStartProcesses value and make sure it has been set to “1”.  Not setting this value to "1" will cause the processes not to start automatically once the ProcessServerRestarter tool is completed.  To check the value go to

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\bin"

Look for Microdea.ProcessServer.Service.exe.config file and open it using notepad. Verify if the value for AutoStartProcesses is set to "1". If not set it to "1" and save the changes.

 Set Recovery Model to Simple

As a best practice, it is better to set the recovery model of the Synergize deployment database to "simple". Using SQL server, go the properties of the deployment database, select Options and change the recovery model to simple. Commit your changes.


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