How To Add Repository Timeout


Adding a repository timeout allows unused licences to go back into the pool for consumption by another user.


This article shows the Synergize Manager how to implement the repository timeout feature at the repository level.



1. Please go to the EMC and click on the repository node.

2. Click on the Advanced button to bring up the repository settings window.

3. Choose the Options tab

4. Activate the Repository Timeout Enabled 

5. Choose the time that you wish to have licenses released.

Typically the screen lock time and shuts down time are set to the same value (generally 10 to 15 minutes).

Items of note:

         This feature would need to be set for all repositories.
         The changes take effect right away. It is not necessary to restart the SCS.
         This feature does not kick out Synergize Desktop applications.
         This feature does not affect SPS processes or Synergize Bulk Print implementations.

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