How To Enable Document Logging


Synergize has the power to track all document manipulations by user, by action, and by date and time of the occurence. This high level logging can be used to track the number of licences necessary to optimize the usage of Synergize. Another use to track sensitive documents and the users that open, edit, modify them.


This article will show you how to enable the document logging and offer tips on the configuration and management of the logs.


1. Select the Document Log node of the repository you want logging set. 

2. Ensure that the status is set to ON, if status is set to Off select the Switch Status button to enable.

3. Select the Document Types node

Make note of what the current Document Types log types are set to before making any changes. Double-click on your document type, select the Log Actions tab and set it to all.

Complete this action for all of the document types that you want to turn on logging.

All the logging is stored in the database table called DocLog. When all document types are logging all actions, this table will grow rapidly. It is recommended that the database administrator keep an eye on the size of this table during the first few weeks that document logging has been turned on.

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