How To Change Tree Preferences in Web Explorer


Changing tree preferences gives the user easy access to documents in Synergize


This article describes how to change tree preferences in Synergize Web Explorer for user.


1. Log in to Web Explorer with user credentials - http://<Sever-Name>/synergize/synergize.html

2. Click Tools, then click the Category Builder option

3. Select the required column from the Fields column and drag to the bottom pane

4. Drag the Field from bottom pane to the categories column

- Please note you can not drag and drop items directly between Fields and Categories

5. Delete existing fields under the Categories column and click OK

6. Log out from Synergize Web Explorer to save the preferences for the current user

Please note this are user specific settings. If you want to change them for multiple users please follow the same procedure for each user profile. 

7. Log back in and check for new preferences.

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