Synergize Explorer not visible on screen


User attempts to launch Synergize Explorer but it is not viable on the monitor. A Synergize Explorer icon is visible but not able to maximize. 


User most likely dragged the application window to a position off screen



1. Launch Windows Registry either by typing regedit from the command prompt or by typing regedit from Run or clicking the executable from C:\Windows.

2. Navigate through the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder to VB and VBA Program Settings. Expand the Synergize Explorer folder and navigate to Window.

3. In Window change Height, Left, Top and Width to 7920, 6960, 2325 and 13515. 

4. Launch Synergize Explorer and the window should be visible. Optionally you can launch Synergize Explorer as administrator and then maximize to utilize the full screen.

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