How to Open Synergize Images as PDF Through Web Integration


To view all images through Synergize links as PDF instead of native image format.


Synergize Web Integration must be configured. The SynergizeWebIntegration.dll file must also be at least version or higher. For further information on Synergize Web Integration, please email support at


1. Go to the Synergize Web Integration virtual directory C:\inetput\wwwroot\SynergizeWebIntegration

2. Open the Web.config configuration file with notepad as administrator

3. Search for the <appSettings> tag by using the Ctrl + F function

4. Modify the following tag <add key="ViewAsPdf" value="false"> and change the value from false to true <add key="ViewAsPdf" value="true">

5. Save the configuration file and recycle the SynergizeAppPool

- Open IIS manager and select Application Pools

- Select SynergizeAppPool and click Recycle within the Actions pane




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