How to shrink transaction logs/database using SQL server management studio


This article describes how to shrink transaction logs/database of a Synergize Deployment database in SQL server to free up hard disk space.


Make sure the database and transaction logs are backed up before shrinking.

It is recommended to do this process during the business non-peak hours as it may affect the performance.

Please consult with your DBA or database team before proceeding with this operation.


1. Login to  SQL Server Management Studio. Expand databases and select Synergize Deployment database(name can vary from one setup to another). 


2. Right click on the Deployment Database and select Properties.


3. On the Database Properties, select Options and change Recovery model to Simple (if it is not selected) and then click OK.


4. Right-click on the Synergize deployment database again and go to Tasks, Shrink, and select Files.


5. In the Shrink File window, select Log for the File type under the database files and filegroups and check "Release unused space" under the Shrink action then press OK. This process may take serveral mintues based on how big the database is.

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