Connecting To Repository In Synergize Explorer Generates an Error: Automation Error(-2146232832, 80131600)


Getting Automation error (-2146232832, 80131600) when connecting to a repository in Synergize Explorer.



Register SynWebService_Windows in Synergize Web Services.


1. Login to the Synergize Server Console(EMC), expand Deployment and select Synergize Web Services.


2. Click the yellow star on the menu bar and in the Web Service URL field type the address set below then press OK.

http://"Synergize Server Name"/SynWebService_Windows/Explorer.asmx

Note: "Synergize Server Name"  is the name of Synergize Server and it is different in each organisation.


3. After registering, the link is shown on the Synergize Web Services



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