How to Add Options to Custom Questions in Driver Recruitment


To allow users to modify existing custom questions in the Driver Recruitment portlet.


As an example, this article will document steps on adding new recruiters to a custom question. The same principles will apply in other scenarios.

Please note - to edit custom questions, users must have administrative permissions set within the Synergize Portal application.


1. Log into Portal and select the Driver Recruitment portlet

2. Click the Manage tab on the top right side and select Custom Questions from the menu on the left (see screenshot below)

3. Scroll down to the customer question where recruiters are chosen and select the pencil icon to edit the question

4. From the Edit Question view, increase the number of answers by the number of recruiters to be added (in the following screenshot, two recruiters will be added thus changing the number of answers from 9 to 11)

5. Add the required recruiters in the empty text fields

  • The order of the list can be changed by manually copying the recruiter names and moving them up or down accordingly

6. Once completed, click the save icon on the top right side

  • The X icon discards all changes and returns the view back to the list of all custom questions

7. To verify the custom question was updated successfully, go to your Driver Application website and click the Apply Now button

  • Scroll through the driver application form to the Pre-Qualification section (or which ever section the question is displayed) to ensure changes have been made


If there are any issues with this, contact support at 905-881-6071 ext. 290 or email

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