How to restore access to Synergize after SQL password is reset


In the event that the SQL account configured in Synergize is compromised or reset, all database configurations will need to be reset and restored.

At this point, access to the deployment database and all repositories will be down along with all applications requiring a database connection (some SPS processes for example). When opening the EMC, the following errors will be encountered.



To reset and restore the database/repositories, follow the steps below in exact order. Each step will need to be reviewed thoroughly to help prevent potential misinterpretations. A database backup will also need to be taken. Although all connections are broken, the current copy will need to be available in case there are further configuration issues and a rollback is required.

In this example, the SQL account ‘microdea’ was reset with a new password. There is one deployment and one repository. All Synergize environments will differ however the basis of this example and its steps will remain the same.

This document is intended for Microdea support agents or IT administrators only.



1. Log into SQL with the system administrator or ‘sa’ account to configure the ‘microdea’ account permissions.

- From the object explorer, expand Security and then Logins

- Double click the ‘microdea’ account or right click the account and select Properties


2. In the General page, set the password using organizational standards


3. In the Server Roles page, select the sysadmin role

- Although sysadmin is not required, the first priority is ensuring the account has access to use Synergize

- After Synergize is confirmed to be working, this can be modified at the administrator’s discretion


4. In the User Mapping page, select all Synergize databases and repositories and ensure each one has read and write permissions


5. In the Status page, ensure that the Permission to connect to database engine setting is set to Grant and that the Login is enabled


6. Log off the ‘sa’ account and log in with the ‘microdea’ account

- This is to ensure that the permissions were correctly assigned

- If there are issues configuring the databases after this point, refer back to steps 1-5


7. For each repository, expand Tables and select the ReProp table

- Right click and select Edit Top 200 Rows


8. Select all Deployment entries and delete them

- Click Yes to confirm changes


9. Expand the deployment database tables and select the Settings table

- Right click and select Edit Top 200 Rows

- Select the Tenant entry along with all Repository entries and delete them (take note of the tenant name, it is required in later steps)

- Click Yes to delete all necessary rows


10. Run the EMC as administrator and click OK to all prompts


11. Select the COM+ Admin Application node on the left and click on the Deployment Database option


12. In the order presented on the screen shot below, enter the new SQL account password and click Activate Connection

- Select the deployment database from the Database Name drop down list then click Add


13. Under the Deployment Profiles node on the left, expand the deployment and click on the Tenants node

- As per the screenshots below, click the yellow star to re-add the tenant and click OK


14. Expand the Tenant node and select Repositories

- As per the screenshot below click the Add Repository icon (the smaller icon to the left will create a new repository – in this case, the previous repository will need to be added back

- This starting step will need to be repeated for each repository required to be reattached


15. Similar to step 12, re-enter the SQL account and activate connection then select the required repository and click Add

- Click Yes to confirm the reattachment and registration of the repository


16. Click on the recently added repository and click Activate Repository

- Click OK to the activation prompt


17. Click DataBase Connection to confirm the SQL account credentials and click OK

- Repeat steps 14-17 for each repository required to be added back


At this point Synergize should be back up and running. If immediate activation of the repository is required, refresh the COM+ applications. For further assistance refreshing COM+ applications, refer to the following article:

The next two steps are optional depending on the Synergize site.


18. In the event there are SPS processes that require database connections, select each process and go to the Process Designer

- Click the database connection action and in the Connection Parameters field under Properties, select the ellipsis to open the connection parameters


19. As per the screenshot below, add the SQL user account if it is not already filled and enter the new password then click Connect

- Select the required repository and click OK

After going through each process, test them to ensure they are running as expected again.


For further questions and concerns, please contact us at or by phone at 905-881-6071 ext. 290.

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