Synergize Web Explorer generates an error message : RPC layer error.... Server was unable to process request -----> Conversion from String " " ....


User receives these messages in Synergize Web Explorer similar to the caption below

Event Viewer entry for Synergize returns "Primary filegroup is full" similar to below


The 'Primary' filegroup has reached its limit due to Maxsize being set or the path location is full


 1. Log into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and from Databases locate your Synergize database

2. Right-click on the database, go to properties and then navigate to Files under Database Properties

3. Obtain the name of the hard drive and verify there is space available on the disk. If not then clear space on the hard drive or consult with your Database Admin for a possible resolution. 

4. If there is space left on the hard drive click on the ellipsis and set maximum size to unlimited for the entries under Logical Name


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