File has not been successfully opened:unspecified error #1 in Synergize Viewer


User receives the message below when viewing documents in Synergize Viewer



The tiff image was most likely compressed using LZW and the Synergize Viewer version is less then 13 



1. Download AsTiffTagViewer and launch the application on a desktop.

2. Obtain a copy of the Tiff file producing the error and open in AsTiffTagViewer.

 3. Under Tag Code obtain the compression method used for the image.

4. Open Synergize Viewer and obtain the version from either the top left hand corner or click the About button.

5. If the Synergize Viewer version is less than 13 either have the image compressed to use Tiff Compression Group 4 or Compression Group 7. If access to such software is not available then printing the image using a virtual printer like Synergize Printer. The image will be rendered to use the properties specified.   


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