Not able to use Synergize Web Explorer, Synergize Explorer or Synergize Quick Links after renaming the Active Directory User Account


An Active Directory user account was renamed and the user cannot log into Synergize Web Explorer, Synergize Quicklinks or Synergize Explorer.


Due to a cached setting or list on the server the user is not able to log into Synergize


1. Verify the location of Synergize Process Designer (SPS) and determine if the application is installed on the same server as Synergize EMC.

2. Perform a soft reboot of the server hosting Synergize EMC. 

Note: If SPS Designer is hosted on a different server then the service for the application will need to be restarted on that machine


Restarting SPS Service

 1. Launch Services from the Start Menu

2. Navigate to the Synergize Process Server service then right-click and select Restart



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