How To: Verify user has a valid AD account recognized by Synergize


This article describes how to determine if an Active Directory account is seen as valid by Synergize



1.  Locate the server hosting the Synergize EMC application and launch the management console.

2. Navigate to the Deployment Profile and open Security Model.

3. Using the Security Model window select your Active Directory provider by double-clicking to open.


4. Select the Test button then enter the problematic Active Directory account name and press the OK button.

5. If the account returns as valid then it is recognized by Synergize and should be accessible barring the Repository's ACL. If the account returns as not vaild then the account cannot be accessed by a Synergize application. A potential resolution would be to refresh the COM+ Applications or if Synergize 13 then perform an IISRESET from the server's command prompt.  

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