How To Set Security in Synergize Desktop


This article describes how to set a security preference in Synergize Desktop. The application can either use integrated Windows authentication, a predefined Active Directory account or force the user to manually enter in their Windows credentials.


1. On the user's PC launch Synergize Desktop from the Start Menu or icon on the desktop.

2. If prompted log into Synergize Desktop then right-click the Synergize Desktop icon from the System Tray and select Preferences.

3. Using the Synergize Desktop Preferences window navigate to Connection and select one of the three options under Security.

 User Integrated Security - logs into Synergize using account user used to log into the PC/domain

 Type username and password - prompts user for log-in credentials at launch

 Predefine username and password - logs into Synergize using a set Active Directory or Synergize User account

 4. After choosing a preference type in the administrator password then hit the OK button and then Close.


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