How To Configure and Troubleshoot Workflow Queue Status Monitor Application


Current version of Queue status monitor doesn’t support SSL authentication. 

please make sure client is not using SSL authentication.


This article describes how to configure and troubleshoot Workflow Queue Status Monitor application


Synergize Deployment Email Settings must be configured prior to launching the Workflow Queue Status Monitor application.


1. In EMC (Local Settings), add a new Registered Application called 'Queue Status Monitor'.

2. On the Synergize Server in the "\Synergize Queue Status Monitor\" directory, launch the Queue Status Monitor.exe application

Note: In this example the Synergize Queue Status Monitor application is located under "C:\Queue Status Monitor"

3. Enter the username and password to login

4. Add a Error Notification email address

5. Add a Sender. ex.

6. Choose the repositories you wish to monitor

7. Click Ok and enter the Registered Application password

8. Using Windows scheduled tasks, add a new task

9. Browse to the C:\Synergize\Queue Status Monitor\Synergize Queue Status Monitor\Queue Status Monitor.exe

10. Choose when you want to perform this task

11. Enter a start time and start date

12. Enter a username and password to run the task. This user must have the ability to run the task if the server is logged off

13. Choose Open the Advance properties when you click finish option and click Finish

14. In the Actions tab, add an argument /r <REPOSITORY_NAME>:

In this example our repository is called JAREPOSITORYSYNV13, therefore we added the argument /r JAREPOSITORYSYNV13

15. Click Ok

Note: You will need to add a task for each repository selected in step #6. 

Configuring workflow queues

1. Launch the Workflow Designer

2. Double click the workflow queue that you want to monitor, the Queue Properties window will come up. Click the Notification tab and then click on the Monitor tab

Note: Please note that you have different options to configure

Depth: Maximum number of documents that will be sitting on that workflow queue before being checked

Age: Days: Maximum number of days that the document will be sitting on that workflow queue before being checked

Hours: Maximum number of hours that the document will be sitting on that workflow queue before being checked

Minutes: Maximum number of minutes that the document will be sitting on that workflow queue before being checked

Notification Email Address: Email address that will be notified when one of the criteria above are met, if you need more than one address

In this example we configured the workflow queue to send us a notification if there is at least one document that is older than one minute. 

3. Save and Activate the changes

This is an example of the email message sent:


Troubleshooting Workflow Queue Status Monitor

1. Launch Synergize Debug and configure it to trace Queue Status Monitor in Continuous mode

2. Launch Command Prompt and run the following query:

"<Location_Path>:\Queue Status Monitor\Queue Status Monitor.exe" /r <Repository_Name>

Note: In this example the Workflow Queue Status Monitor is located under "C:\Queue Status Monitor". Please refer to the logs for more information

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