How to Run Indexing Application without Admin Rights after Client Update


When the Synergize Client gets updated to 12.3 SP6 on a workstation from a previous version of the 12.3 family, there is a chance that the Indexing and Explorer applications may not open unless the user account is part of the local administrators group. This is because the user account does not have access to the required registry keys and the account has not been granted read/write access to the Synergize Client folder (\Program Files (x86)\Synergize Client). The link below provides instructions on how to add users to the local admin group:

"Opening Synergize Indexing on a new work station generates a message-Problem creating temporary file for objects registering SCS error"

In the event that users must NOT be part of the local administrators group, there is another resolution path which requires a modification of the registry.


To allow users to index and view documents with the Indexing and Explorer applications (after a 12.3 SP6 Client update) without adding them to the local administrators group.


The scenario in this is example is a client update from 12.3 SP1 to 12.3 SP6. Although some Synergize environments may differ (e.g. location of Synergize Client folder or update from another Client version), the basis of this article remains the same.

This document is intended for Microdea support agents or IT administrators only.

Before updating the Client, please make sure the previous version is noted. This can be done by going to Control Panel -> Programs and Features (see image below).



1. After upgrading the Client, go to the Synergize Client folder (\Program Files (x86)\Synergize Client) and grant all required users Read/Write access

- in this scenario, users were granted Modify access which includes Read and Write permissions

2. Open the registry and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microdea\Synergize Explorer\ObjSrv

- ensure the version is set to 12.3.6

3. Search the registry for "12.3.1"

- in this scenario, since the previous version was 12.3 SP1, the search must be for 12.3.1

4. For all entries found, change the version number to 12.3.6

- as per the images below, right click and select modify, then update the Value data string accordingly

5. Once all entries have been updated with the latest version, close the registry and try opening the Explorer client application

- if successful, try opening the Indexing application


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