How To: Install Synergize Desktop on a PC


This article describes how to install Synergize Desktop on a client machine.


Note: Please ensure the Registered Application has been created in the Synergize EMC before installing Synergize Desktop on a workstation. If PCs in the network are running Synergize Desktop then most likely the Registered Application has been created. This can be verified using the steps below. 

If you are trying to install Synergize desktop for a new user, please skip the steps on server side. Skip first 4 steps below and start from  (INSTALLATION ON PC)

1. On the Synergize server launch the Synergize EMC and navigate to Registered Applications.


  2. If no entry for Synergize Desktop is present in this section or there is no entry for the version of Synergize Desktop sought to be installed then select the yellow star. 

 3. Verify the version of the Synergize Desktop sought to be installed by right-clicking on the setup file and selecting properties. Using the properties tab navigate to Details.

4. Enter the Synergize Desktop 3.7.X under Application Alias, click the Application Enabled check box and enter an Admin password. Afterwards click the OK button.   

4. Enter the Synergize PrimaryUser account name and password. 


1. Determine if the operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit. This can be done by navigating to the Control Panel. Afterwards select System and Security and then go to System.

2. Download the appropriate setup executable and Run as Administrator.


3. Specify the installation path and click the Next button. 


4. Enter in the Deployment URL and click the Next button.

5. Select the version of Outlook on your PC(in the newer version, it will only ask you to select yes or no, it will not prompt to select a version).

6. Select the version of Office on your PC.

7. Hit the Install button and then Finish


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