No such user. Contact the system administrator.Keep storing documents...Synergize Indexing



 User receives the error above when attempting to Save To Server using Synergize Indexing



 There is an invalid Active Directory account present in a Synergize ACL



1. Look for an AD or Windows account with an ? mark beside it in the current scenario's Security section. If found remove the AD or Windows account from the list.   

2. Next check the fat client Synergize Explorer's ACL Template for any AD or Windows accounts listed with a ? symbol beside it. If found remove the user's AD or Windows account from the list.


3. If no such account is found or the error persist when trying to save then verify such an account is not listed in the Synergize EMC's ACLs.


4. After removal close Synergize Indexing and relaunch then attempt to index documents again.


Note: If these steps do not resolve the issue contact Microdea support

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