How To: Grant override permissions in Synergize Workflow Designer


This article describes how to set override permissions in a Workflow scenario. This allows users to process documents in workflow without following the scenario's logic. 



1. Using a web browser navigate to Synergize Workflow Designer by using the URL http://Synergize-Server-Name/synergize/workflow.html. Afterwards log-in using the Synergize Primaryuser account. 

2. Navigate to the Repository containing the workflow using the drop down menu. Then using the File menu select Open Scenario, choose the version with the  green check mark  and click Open.

3. In the Tools file menu select Scenario Override

4. Click the Add button in the Scenario Override Configuration window. Using the Users and Groups window add AD users or AD groups from the list by selecting the account then clicking the OK button. When finished click the OK button to close the Scenario Override Configuration window.



5. Afterwards from File select Save & Activate

 Note: There will be an error generated while trying to save a scenario in use by a user






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