Synergize.QuickLink.exe missing error


 After attempting to launch Synergize QuickLinks the user receives a Synergize.QuickLink.exe missing prompt.


 The Synergize.QuickLink executable was removed from the SynergizeQL folder. This was either performed by an antivirus program or a rogue user. 


 1. Locate the SynergizeQL folder on one of the hard disks of the affected PC. 

 2. Verify the Synergize.QuickLink executable is not present in the directory.

 3. Verify if anti-virus software is running and check the application's virus vault for  Synergize.QuickLink.exe file. If present restore the file and add an exception for the executable.

4. If file is not present in a virus vault then check the PC's Recycle Bin. If present restore this file. 

Note: If the file is no longer able to be recovered contact Microdea support to re-install Synergize QuickLinks client

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