How to change workflow queue email notification


This article describes how to change workflow queue notification email, It also explains how to view primaryuser user id.


1. Login to Synergize workflow web page. 

- WebLink: http://<Synergize Server>/synergize/workflow.html

  • - Login Credentails: Primaryuser User ID/password 

2. Select the correct repository from the drop down list. 


3. Click File, click Open scenario, select scenario highlighted with green check mark, click Open.

4. Double click the queue, click notification Tab, click Monitor tab, change email address, click OK.

5.  Repeat step 4 if you want to change email address for other queues.

6. After updating all queues, click File, click Save and Activate

7. Close an relaunch EMC, Navigate to workflow queues under repositories, 


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