How to Restart SPS Service manually


This article describes how to restart SPS service manually. 

*Skip to step 4 if you just need to restart SPS service directly. 


1. Launch Synergize Process Designer either using Synergize process server shortcut on desktop or locate Synergize Process Designer.msc file in one of the following locations.

  • C:\Program Files\Microdea\Synergize Process Server (if your SPS version is or lower)
  • C:\Program Files\Microdea\Synergize Process Designer (if SPS version is > 14.0)

2. For each process, right click process, click Process Overview


3. Click Stop, Click Yes if you receive a prompt.



4. Open services, search for Synergize process server service


If you are looking for service on windows 10 machine, click on start and search for services.




5. Right click, click restart, close services


6. Launch Synergize Process Designer




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