How to backup Synergize: Configuration settings, account info, databases and images (Synergize Version: 12.3 SP6 or below)

Synergize Version: 12.3 SP6 or below

How to identify COM+ identity user credentials

  1. Click Start, Administrative Tools, select Component Services

  2. Expand ComponentServices, Computers, My Computer, COM+ applications and look for Synergize and Synergize MGMT objects

   3. Right Click Synergize object and click Properties

   4. Click Identity, Check username and get the password for the username used

5. Repeat the above step for Synergize Mgmt object


Backup locations

1. Backup the Synergize folder, by default “C:\Synergize”. You can confirm the path in EMC by expanding the Deployment node and clicking the Deployment Directories option

2. Check Folder security


Storage Profile

  1. Open EMC, Navigate to Repository, expand Storage Profile, Storage
  2. Back up the storage profile path and take a screenshot of the current storage profile.
  3. If you have multiple repositories, repeat the above 2 steps for all repositories



  1. In Synergize Server, navigate to c:\ and look for inetpub
  2. Backup InetPub


SPS (Synergize Process Server)

  1. Backup Synergize Process Server
    • 32bit, C:\programfiles(X86)\Microdea\Synergize Process Server
    • 64bit, C:\programfiles\Microdea\Synergize Process Server
  • Make sure you have Actions, References, clientsettings.xml and ProcessServer.Service.exe.config under bin folder in backup folder
  • Make sure you have all process in processes folder in backup folder

Synergize BulkPrint Server

    1. Backup ‘C:\Program files (X86)\microdea\Synergize BulkPrint’

Synergize Client

  1. Client’s machine, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86) and look for Synergize client
  2. Copy the entire folder


Synergize Printer (Server/Client machine)

1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Synergize Printer, Search for Configure printers application

2. Run configure printers as Admin and take screenshots of all printer paths



 * Please follow Synergize Database Management Guide to create Database backup

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