How To Change/modify Timeout Settings For Synergize Quick_Links Application


Timeout option on quick links can be used to release unused/idle user license to go back to the license pool for consumption by another user.


This article will help you configure the time out settings using the Synergize quicks links admin console.


  1. Login into the server where the Synergize Quick links admin is installed and navigate to C:\SynergizeQL(Default location unless it has been changed).

  2. And run the application named "Synergize.Integration.Configuration"  as administrator to start the configuration.

  3. Choose the quick link scenario from the left side and click on show connection details from top right corner to see the default settings.

  4. In the example above - I have setup the timeout to exit the quick links window option for 180 minutes which is 3 hours. After entering the information, click save button to make the configuration effective.
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