Images not completely legible in Synergize Viewer


Sections of a TIFF document not readable in Synergize Viewer but able to be opened.  


The TIFF file is compressed in a format other than TIFF Group 4, TIFF Group 7 or LZW.


 1. Re-format TIFF file to use TIFF Group 4, TIFF Group 7 or LZW compression using an image renderer. Using Synergize products this can be done by printing the image using the virtual printer Synergize Printer.

     Steps Using Synergize Printer   

       1. Open TIFF file in a third party viewer. 

       2. Print image using one of the PCs installed Synergize Printers

       3. Index the document back into Synergize at your discretion from the output           directory. 


2. Possible a Synergize Client upgrade will resolve this issue. If step one is not feasible contact Microdea support to perform tests with later versions of Synergize Client. 


Note: Compression format LZW can only be read in versions of Synergize 12.3 SP6 or above.

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