Synergize Process Server (SPS) Stopped Logging


Synergize process designer has stopped logging and database doesn't have any logs to browse.


The Process Designer has stopped showing logs in the window and this was not configured to do so, there is one location that can cause this to happen. The ApplicationLog table in the deployment database may have hit the terminal logging value. To check this value, open the CONFIG table, and look at the ApplicationLog|ApplicationLogID row. If the ConfigValue is 2,147,483,647 then that is why logging has stopped. Basically, this value reflects the ID of the logging in the ApplicationLog table. This is the highest value that an INTEGER can reach.

At this point, setting the value back to zero (0) is the only way to get the SPS designer to display the logs again.


1: Truncate the ApplicationLog table to clear out the old logs, so that there isn't any duplicate ApplicationLogID values. Use "Truncate table ApplicationLog" sql statement to do so.

2: Set the value in the CONFIG table back to zero using this sql statement:
      Update Config set ConfigValue = 0
      where ConfigName = 'ApplicationLog|ApplicationLog_ID'

   If the Synergize Process Service is still running, logging will start immediately. 

3: Lastly, we should clean up the Synergize Exception logs, because that is where all these errors have been written to in the time that logging hasn't been happening. Browse to the directory 
<Application Data Folder>\Microdea\Logs\ and delete the log file called Synergize_Management_Exception.log. The size is most likely too large to open in text format anyway, so deleting the file is the only option.


There are many ways to turn off SPS logging and the benefits of doing so, but those are discussed in other articles.


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