How to solve: [INVALID_USER] User not found error while ordering New Hire Package from Driver Recruitment Workflow

Problem: When a user in Portal tries to order a new hire package from Driver Recruitment portal, user gets a prompt saying [INVALID_USER] User not found.




Server Log: (Could be similar to the one listed below)

<SOAP-ENV:Fault xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
<SOAP-ENV:faultstring>User not found</SOAP-ENV:faultstring>
<fns:fault xmlns:fns="" xmlns:java="java" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="fns:ApiFault">
<fns:exceptionMessage>User not found</fns:exceptionMessage>


Cause: Mismatch of user profile in Synergize Portal Driver Recruitment Portlet and HireRight account will cause this error.



-Login into Synergize Portal using Admin account.

-Under Driver Recruitment Portlet, navigate to Manage Tab.

-Under Manage tab, click on user tab as shown below

-Find the user from the list who is having issues while ordering Hire right package and cross compare user details including email address with the user account in HireRight. Primary focus will be on email address, email account associated to HireRight should be same as email address listed for user under users tab.



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