How To: Configure a Microsoft SQL database backup


 This article describes methods to backup Microsoft SQL databases.



1. Log on to the server hosting Synergize EMC and survey the Deployment Profiles to obtain the names of the Synergize databases. Synergize Databases are usually set with the name of the Deployment Profile and the Repositories.          

2. Log into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and expand the Databases node. Afterwards right-click on the appropriate Synergize database then using the Tasks submenu select Back Up


3. Using the Back Up Database window set a Backup type then using the Add button set an output directory for the backup. Ensure the file type is bak.

4. Under Media Options set a Overwrite media method. Configure other fields options at your discretion.

5. In the Backup Options name the backup set. Using the arrows set a Backup set will expire interval. Once this time elapses the backup can be overwritten. Configure other fields at your discretion. Click OK when finished.

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