Automation Error ( -2147024891 , 80070005) ... using Synergize Explorer or Synergize Indexing


Users receive the error below when trying to view documents in Synergize Explorer or while trying to save using Synergize Indexing.



 The Domain Users are not in the DCOM group on the Synergize server. 



1. On the server hosting Synergize EMC navigate to Computer Management.


2. Under the Local Users and Groups node navigate to Distributed COM Users. Afterwards right-click to select Properties to launch the Distributed COM Users Properties window.



3. Using the Add button join Domain Users to the group and have the users try Synergize Explorer or Synergize Indexing again. If issue is not resolved proceed to steps 4 and 5.   



4. Refresh COM+ objects as per article below.


5. Stop and start SCS in the Synergize EMC as per article below and try Synergize Explorer or Synergize Indexing again.


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