How to limit search fields in QBE - Synergize Web Explorer

Purpose: This article show how to limit QBE search fields in Synergize Web Explorer

Note: These settings are only applicable to Java based Synergize web Explorer.

These steps are for changing preferences per user. If you wish you globally change the preferences, you can follow steps listed in this article:


1. Login into Synergize web explorer with your own user account using Internet explorer


2. Tools and preferences can be accessed different ways based on the layout you have. 

Layout 1:

Using the User Icon on top right corner of the web explorer page.

Layout 2:

Layout 3:


3. Preferences tab looks like below:

4. Navigate to Fields tab and select QBE fields tab.

Keep the check mark on the fields you want to see in QBE tab and remove the check mark on fields you do not want to use for search purposes. 

Order can also be defined here. Select the field and hit up and down buttons to rearrange them. The order of documents depend on the rearrangement you do here in this tab.

5. You can do similar adjustments to Document Display fields and Tree Search Fields tabs.

6. After making required changes, click OK to close the tab.

7. To save all the changes you made to your layout, click on logout button and it will automatically save your preferences.



After these changes, if you login into web explorer on any computer with your login, it will remember the preferences.


If there are issues in following this article, please reach out to or call us at 905 881 6071 x 290.


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