SynergizeVirtualPrinter issues caused by Webroot Security on Citrix Environment

Printer Info: Synergize Virtual printer is a virtual printer that is designed to accept various types of documents(pdf, jpeg, word, Excel etc..) and print out a tiff image with Synergize compatible format. It uses BlackIce Drivers and also depends on .net Framework4.0 to operate. Printer operates on both 64-bit and 32-bit mode.

Issue: Synergize Virtual Printers going offline within XenApp sessions.

Description: Synergize printer is often installed on one of the Synergize app servers and shared out for users. An instance of shared printer is added to the Citrix server and gets published to end users via Citrix. Webroot Security seems to be interfering with all types of printer drivers.In Synergize Virtual Printer case, removing the printer instance from share and adding it back resolves the issue temporarily for individual users. Citrix support knowledge center published an article listing possible causes of the issue and steps on how to avoid this. 

Resolution: Please follow the instructions specified in this article ONLY if you have Webroot security installed on your network. 

Please note that printer could go offline for several reasons and this article is very specific to Webroot security interference in XenApp sessions.

If you do not have Webroot security or if the symptoms are different, please contact regular Microdea support for help.

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