Sending Documents: No Load Association

This article provides the basics of capturing and sending a trip document with no load association or when no TMS integration is present. 

6 Steps to Capturing and Sending your Trip Documents

  1. Start document imaging.
  2. Scan the document.
  3. Crop the document image.
  4. Review the document image.
  5. Assign a document type.
  6. Send the document image.


Step 1: Start document imaging.

  • To start the document imaging process tap the [Add Document] button, follow by [Scan].

No_Loads_-_1st_Time_In_App.png   No_Loads_-_Choose_Method.png

Step 2: Scan the document.

  • Position the entire document on the screen.
  • Allow the camera to focus.
  • Tap the [Shutter] button to capture the document.



Step 3: Crop the document image.

  • Drag the sides or corners of the green frame to define the edges of your document.
  • Tap [Done] to crop your document image.



Step 4: Review the document image.

  • If the image is acceptable tap the [Airplane] button.
  • To delete the image, tap the circle icon, followed by the [Trashcan] button, then re-capture the document.



Step 5: Assign a document type.

  • Tap [Select Category] to choose a category, revealing a list of associated document types.
  • Tap [Select Document Type] and assign a document type to the image. 
  • Tap the [Third Field] and enter the company specific identifier.


Step 6: Send the document image.

  • Tap the [Send] button to submit the document image.



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