How to view tickets in Microdea support portal

Purpose: Purpose of this article is to narrate how Microdea customers can access their company associated support tickets from Microdea support portal.

Activities: Through this interface, Microdea support customers can create, track, update and mark tickets as solved without need for interacting with support agents.


  • Microdea support portal requires authentication for users to be able to view/edit/update the tickets online.
  • Same email used for sending a case to should be used for authentication.
  • Email used for creating a ticket or email used for signing up should be listed as a verified contact under company profile at Microdea. Ask a support agent about how to add new employees as verified contact.

Support portal:

Submit a new request:

My tickets(requires authentication):


Sign in/Sign up: (If you ever sent an email to, your account gets created automatically)

Already registered? Use the email ID and login here:

First time trying to access portal? Try using forgot password and setup a new password. 





View tickets: After successful login, use My Tickets section to preview tickets based on status.




Under My activities section:

My requests: If you are the owner of ticket, you will see the list under this tab.

Requests I'm CC'd on: If you are cc'd on the ticket, you will see the list under this tab.

Organization requests: If you are configured as company admin, all open tickets under the specific company will be listed under this tab. 

Use the filter available on right side of the My activities panel to filter tickets further.



Status explained:

  • Solved: Ticket is closed.
  • Awaiting your reply: Troubleshooting under progress or waiting for customer response or in followup phase. Due to website provider limitation the message is misleading at times. Please review the ticket content and if it is not waiting for your input, ignore the status. 
  • Open: Waiting on Microdea support agent input.


If there are any questions related to Sign up/Sign in/Accessing portal, please reach out to and one of our agent will be happy to assist.

-Microdea Support.

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