Recommended Scanners

Microdea supports the Fujitsu scanners listed below. All have excellent paper handling, image quality and onsite support. Before purchasing a new scanner, you can always check with Microdea support to ensure that your scanner will be compatible.

Microdea leverages the very best technology in the marketplace and supports scanners that are capable of meeting any scanning need, including;

  • Single and batch document scanning
  • Simplex and duplex scanning
  • Scanning documents of various sizes, thicknesses, lengths and colours
  • Scanning at high speeds and handling large volumes

We recommend scanners that are PaperStream compatible be used to reduce document preparation time and improve the readability of scanned images. 

To help you determine which device best fits your scanning needs, click on the links below to review some suitable scanners.

CLICK HERE: Fujitsu Workgroup Scanners

CLICK HERE: Fujitsu Departmental Scanners

CLICK HERE: Fujitsu High Volume Production 

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