How to clear Origin app cache and app data from mobile device - Android

When you use mobile applications, they start storing files locally on the phone/tablet to reference later and this data is often stored in the app cache and data.

For instance: When you're using Origin app, the information about your login and the sent document history is stored in the data and information about connection strings, category name, document types is stored in the app cache. Cache is updated automatically from time to time, but based on type of device and version of android, cache could get corrupted.

It may be required to clear an app's cached data either to regain some used space or to try to fix a misbehaving app. Please follow below steps to delete app cache on Android devices.

1. Look for settings option on your Android device and open settings.



2. Look for Apps and notifications from available options. Click on option highlighted below.



3. From the available list, find the Origin app and tap on it. 

*If there are several apps installed on the device, you may have to click on show all apps to see complete list of apps.



4. Click on Storage & Cache option.



5. Click on Clear Cache to delete the local cache on the device and click on the Clear Storage to remove the local data from the device.

*'Clear Storage' will remove history(document sent) log and for all the loads that are moved by driver to 'DONE' tab will show up in 'TO DO' tab. Driver will have to identify which loads are already moved to 'DONE' tab and just move them to 'DONE' tab manually.



6. Close the settings and relaunch Origin app and continue to use for sending documents.


The steps to clear cache on few Android devices may differ. Above steps are created based on generic Android platform. If the section to clear cache cannot be found, please reach out to for further assistance.

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