How To: Configure Estat for Microdea Imaging Configuration


This article explains the process of setting up Estat in TMW's Microdea configuration window. 



1. Create a Synergize User named "webuser".

2. Navigate to the Imaging Interface window similar to the caption below.


3. Enter the field information in Microdea Imaging Configuration.  

       1. WebServices URL : http://<Synergize-server>/synwebservice/explorer.asmx

       2. Document View : View ALL

       3. Repository : <DELIVERYDOCS>

       4. Timeout : 1000

       5. Reference Column : ORDERNUMBER

       6. Server: <Synergize-Server>

       7. Web User Name: webuser

       8. Web User Password: <password>


4. Test Connection and then Save.


Note: TMW support will have to assist with navigation to this configuration window 


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