SPS Error...Cannot open database "XXXXX" requested by the login


 Synergize Process Server's processes generate the error below during iteration.


The server hosting the deployment database is unavailable or the account used to connect to the database has been altered. Possibly a password change or deletion of the account. 



1. Verify the Microsoft SQL account still exists and the credentials for the account.

2. On the server hosting SPS Designer navigate to the Synergize Process Server\bin folder. In the folder open the clientsettings xml file in notepad. 


Server Name Change

3. Update the Data Source with the new SQL server instance and save. 


Password Change

3. In the bin folder launch Synergize Encryption as admin. Type the new password in the textbox and click the green arrow. Copy the text generated in the encrypted textbox and paste the text between the pipes in the clientsettings xml then save.  



Note: If there is another instance of the clientsettings xml file in the Synergize Process Server parent folder repeat step 3. 

4. Restart the SPS service as instructed in the article below. 




Note: If there are SPS processes that connect to SQL databases using the modified SQL account contact Microdea support to update the action. 

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